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  • Akron Educational Article of the Month - What to do if You have a Dead Animal Under Your House

What to do if You have a Dead Animal Under Your House

Removing dead Akron animals under your house can be both easy and challenging, but it will always be a dirty work to do, especially when it has been there for days and begins to decompose. It is very important to remove the carcass immediately to avoid foul smell fill your house and other worse results such as pestering flies that may spread diseases. The most common animals that die under a house are rats, raccoons, birds, and moles. If you are not comfortable removing a carcass, you can call a local Ohio pest control personnel to do the task for you.

Why Animals Die Under Your House
There are various reasons why Akron animals die under your house. Among these reasons include the following:
• You have used a poisonous pest control removal. Pest control can either repel or kill unwanted animals in your house. If you prefer deadly animal control, make sure that you are ready to take away some carcass after several days.
• Dying animals housed under. Dying animals tend to find isolated places to die. If the bottom of your house is often dark and undisturbed, there is a chance for dying Ohio animals to cam in there.
• Your pet brought home some presents. If you let your pet roam around the places where garbage are likely to be found, there is a possibility that they may find some dead animals and bring them under your house for dinner.

Removing dead animals
First, you need to locate the dead Akron animals under your house. You need to wear a mask and pair of gloves for sanitary purposes. Once you have located the carcass, remove it and immediately put it inside the garbage bag for incarceration. Also, remove any maggot that might be feeding from the dead animal. Dig a hole in your backyard where you can bury the dead Ohio animal. The hole must be deep enough to keep your pet from extracting the carcass buried under.

Disinfecting the place
Once the Ohio animal carcass is removed, spray disinfectant in the area and nearby places where you found the dead animal. It will be better if you can let some air in the area to let the smelly odor out and to avoid it from the rest of the house.

Check for any damages
After removing the carcass and disinfecting the area, inspect the place for any damage that the Akron animal might have brought. Inspect any electrical wiring or wall destruction and repair immediately if there is any.

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