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  • Akron Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

How To Get Rid Of Groundhogs

These common Akron rodents in northern parts of US usually feed on fruits, vegetables, flowers and sometime on insects. Groundhogs are notorious beasts creating menace usually in gardens. They are excellent in digging tunnels, able to swim and also good climbers. This makes pretty difficult to stop them from entering your yard however there are some proven methods that could help you out.

Setting up fences properly keep these beasts away from your Akron garden. They are good climbers and are able to dig tunnels 5 feet deep so the fencing as to be in compliance with these characteristics. The fence should be minimum 5 to 6 feet mesh fencing with a “L” shaped at least stretching outwards buried 1 feet deep inside the ground to stop them to dig under it. The top of the fence should also be curved outside preventing them to climb and cross. Fences could also be electrified depending on your Ohio surroundings like kids and pets.

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Sealing off the burrows or destroying the burrows does not work. These Akron animals usually do not harm humans however while destroying their burrows you might aggregate them and they will attack with their big front teeth, they could deliver a good amount of bite. So there are methods which make them leave the tunnels. You can crack an egg into all the openings and close it or you could use castor oil to do the same. These measures are not permanent hence as soon as you are sure they left seal off the hole properly and get the damage repaired.

This is to create an one side door in the fence so that these beasts could go out but cannot return.

Trapping is the most successful way of getting rid of Akron Groundhogs. Traps should be set before the fences are up. First get rid of these beasts and then put up fence to make sure that there are none inside the perimeter. Traps are used with proper baits to lure them in and then the sensor triggers the door to close and the animal is stuck inside. Then put a piece of cloth on the cage and relocate the Ohio Groundhogs far from your area. These animals do have a strong smelling sense so before using the trap wash it and then handle it while wearing gloves, in order to avoid any human scent on the trap.

There are other methods also like killing and using repellants however these methods are neither permanent nor humane and could also threaten the surroundings. So it’s better not to use these methods.

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