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  • Akron Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill Rabbits

How to Kill Rabbits

It is important to understand; controlling wild Akron Rabbits may present serious challenges, as they are not what we think we can get rid of that easily. You may have adopted several methods that will help you get rid of them, and yet no positive result has been achieved – thus leaving you with the only option to kill them at sight or by a plan. However, you should know that killing an Ohio rabbit is not as easy as you may think, because they can be very clever and can be smarter than you a times. But this article will show you some helpful tips on how to kill those troubling Rabbits tormenting your gardens and other properties around. Here are some of these methods you may use to successful kill a rabbit.

A Shot At Sight
A shot to the head of Rabbits is the simplest method you can use and will cause an instant death, but you will have to do this considering the law and policy guiding the use of guns in your Ohio area. If you have the license to use guns, then this method will be great.

Killing The Rabbits By Chinning
This method is also one of the fastest ways you can kill an Akron Rabbit, but this may not be suitable for you if you have a soft heart because it is one of the most simple but cruel way to kill a rabbit. Before you do this you must have catch the Rabbit; grab the Rabbit’s back legs in one of your hand firmly, and place the other hand around its neck; then wrap your fingers closed around its neck in order to have a solid grip; next is to pull the legs strongly with one hand down while pulling the neck upward with the other hand; pull at both sides strongly to stretch the Ohio rabbits neck, and while doing that you will hear a cracking sound, and that will tell you that did is done.

Food Poisoning
Another way to kill an Akron Rabbit is by food poisoning, but this method is often very slow a time as it will take some times for the rabbit to suffer before it dies; but yet, the method works. Here is how it goes: you will need to use a bait (like vegetables, carrots, etc) to lure the Rabbit, and the bait must have poisoning contents in it; whenever the Rabbit eats that, it wouldn’t take long before it begin to suffer and eventually dies. You can always get poisoning chemicals at your local shops.

Killing an Ohio Rabbit in a manual way seems to be the best as we have seen little of it above, but it takes a strong mind to do that as it may seem cruel to practice for others. However, there are many different methods you can use to kill a Rabbit apart from the ones above. You can use clubbing method – which is done by hitting the Rabbit with a strong club directly on the head; a Blunt impact – which is done by swinging the Akron Rabbit so it head hit a solid object.

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