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  • Akron Educational Article of the Month - Mole Prevention Tips: How To Keep Moles Away

Mole Prevention Tips: How To Keep Moles Away

Mole Prevention Tips: How To Keep Moles Away

A beautiful emerald green colored Akron lawn is loved by all as it enhances the beauty of the home. But what to do if this beauty is being destroyed by the small but destructive rodent moles? Moles are really problematic for the garden as they are very fast at digging holes and can dig up to one foot in just a minute. Also they will damage the plant in the yard thus completely ruin it. So it is must to drive them away as soon as you notice this creature in the garden. There are many natural ways to prevent them from entering your yard. The effective ones are explained here.

• Moles have very poor eye sight but they are blessed with strong sense of smell which is used to drive them away from the Akron yard. They can’t bear the scent of castor oil so you can make a liquid using 2 tbsp dish soap, 1 cup castor oil and one gallon water. Now apply this liquid every month and also after rain and moles will be eliminated from the yard definitely.

• Another best natural way to eradicate this destructive creature from the Akron yard is to plant chocolate lilies and garlic plant as the smell and taste of these plants will force them to leave your Ohio garden.

• You can also make use of live cage traps to send the Akron moles away. Live trap should be placed in their active tunnels. Notice if there is any pushed up soil in the garden and in case you find anything flatten that soil. Next day notice if that soil is again pushed up, if it is then this is active tunnel where the live trap is to be placed. It should be covered so that moles can’t see that and walk into that trap. Once they are captured in the cage, relocate them far away from the Ohio yard.

• Some battery based devices are available in the market to frighten the Akron rodents so that they leave the garden in fear. You can install that electronic devices also in the Ohio yard and moles will leave the place for sure.

If you have tried all the above methods and still the rodents are there in your yard or garden, then call for the professionals and they will be able to do the job successfully.

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