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  • Akron Educational Article of the Month - Problems Caused by Nuisance Wildlife

Problems Caused by Nuisance Wildlife

Problems Caused by Nuisance Wildlife

We generally do not encounter Akron wildlife in our day to day lives. In fact, most people who enjoy seeing wildlife have to take a trip to a wildlife preservation area or a national park. Many people find it to be delightful to find a wild animal in their property. However, when wildOhio animals create nuisance, it can be very difficult to control the situation.

Some of the most common nuisance Akron wildlife and the problems they cause are:

• Armadillos – Most of the damage caused by Akron armadillos is because of their tendency to make tunnels. They end up uprooting a lot of flowers and ornamental plants in the garden. The damage can be greater when they burrow under foundation and driveways.

• Bats – Just the presence of a bat in the house is almost intolerable to most people. Bats usually end up appearing all of a sudden in the house. If a bat begins living in your house you may end up noticing damage marks in the furniture or the walls in the area it uses the most. You will also notice disturbing sounds made by the bats and the fecal pellets can be difficult to clean.

• Bears – They are usually attracted to food, so keep food items away if it is likely that a bear may approach your home. From bird feeders to pet food to Ohio garbage cans, all of them are likely to be destroyed by bears.

• Beavers – Their innate nature of building dams results in a lot of damage. From timbers to roads and crops, as well as dwellings. Beavers can create a lot of nuisance. In some of the states, beavers have caused damage between $3 million to $5 million.

• Coyotes – Akron Coyotes can create nuisance by causing damage to different types of livestock. They are dangerous if you have poultry and can often destroy crops like watermelons. They are carriers of rabies which portrays a threat to public safety.

• Feral Hogs – They can cause a lot of damage to the agricultural industry because of their behaviour to uproot vegetation. They also tend to consume natural Akron vegetation causing a great amount of loss.

• Raccoons – The fact that raccoons have urbanized very easily means that they can easily take up residence in your home. They can end up damaging your garden and if you have fish in your pond then you will end up losing all your fish even before you realize the presence of these nocturnal Ohio animals. They go through garbage cans and destroy bird feeders too.

• Foxes – Ohio Foxes love live food. Whether it is turkeys, ducks, chicken, pigs, lambs or small geese, all of them can be devoured by foxes causing destruction and damage to your property and loss of your pets or poultry and livestock.

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