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  • Akron Educational Article of the Month - Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon Repellent

Pigeon drooping is really annoying that deface the walkway, public areas, roof and the balcony leaving the places unsightly. This is not enough rather these drooping have fungi and bacteria in it that invites many harmful diseases in humans. So, if you notice any roost of Akron pigeons in the house, try to get them away from your property before they start increasing their population over there. Many repellents are available in the market for this purpose using which you can get rid of them effectively. Some of the natural and store bought repellents are mentioned here.

• Look for any sticky chemical in the Akron pests control product store and then apply it on their roost. When pigeons will find the place sticky enough, the place will become uncomfortable and most probably they will leave the place.

• Ohio Pigeons do not like spicy things at all and this advantage can be used to keep them away of the house. First look for the place where they can roost and spray some pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, etc. over there. You should spray the spices very often and do not forget to repeat after rain or wet weather.

• Bird spikes is an amazing Akron pigeon and other bird control product that is to be installed on the surfaces where they can roost. This product does not need any maintenance and can scare the pigeons such a way that they will hardly think of coming back again. It can be installed on window sills, chimneys, rooftop edges, etc.

• Sonic Ohio bird control is another electronic repellent that should be installed just once and you can be sure that the pigeons and other birds will stay away from your house. This device broadcasts various bird alarm calls and predators cry so that the Akron pigeons will be frightened and will leave the place.

• Ultrasonic bird repellent is another useful device to get rid of the pigeons permanently. It is very effective and eco friendly device that creates an ultrasonic sound waves which is silent to human but very irritating for the Ohio birds. Install this device in places where you suspect they can roost.

So, these are the repellents that you can use to get rid of the pigeons but at the same time it should be mentioned that these Ohio repellents are not that effective as once the pigeons get used to the devices and other natural repellents, they can easily settle down there.

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